7 Free Android Apps You Should Not Miss

When I first bought an android phone, I checked the net for “app lists”. I wanted to see what apps everyone was installing. I talked to my friends, colleagues. I tried out many of them, and have reached a steady state for now. I guess it will keep changing with time, but the rate of change is very low now.

This list is my contribution to the world, and would definitely not match anyone else’s. I order the apps in order of how much I use them. If you have another app that should have definitely made my list, please let me know via comments.

  1. Kindle: I have a real kindle, and I use it for reading. The problem is that unlike my phone, I don’t always carry it with me. I love to read on my phone when I have that unexpected 5 minutes.
  2. Moment Diary: It is a life saver. I don’t use it as a diary per se. Instead, I use it to jot down little bits of information I will need in a short while. Like the fact that I paid my cook in advance, etc
  3. 7 little words: Unless you play this once (may be a few times), you wouldn’t know how amazing this game is. I definitely recommend (and so do the multiple people I got hooked on to this).
  4. Tiny Words: If there is something more addictive than 7 little words, this is it. But a bad interface, I must warn you.
  5. Tiny Flashlight: I love it that I can turn my camera’s flash into a torch.
  6. MX player: I use this app to play my videos, etc. No complaints, so far.
  7. FB Reader: It can read out your books loudly. Plus it can access books that is on your phone/tablet, and not in your kindle library.

These are the apps I use, apart from the usual apps like gmail and google maps apps. I try to use free apps when I can, thereby excluding a large number of really good apps – the list is biased due to it.


What do you think?

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