My big problem

I have a problem. A major one. It crept up so slowly, I never realized when it turned into an actual  problem. May be you have it too, and even worse, don’t realize it.

It started a few years back, when I bought my camera. It came with a chord to connect to USB port, A cable to connect to the TV. I also bought rechargeable batteries and a charger, and it came with cables to connect to the main power, and another one to connect to the USB port. My cell phone has a charger and a cable to connect to the computer. So does my husband’s phone, and the 1-2 spare phones lying around. All of these came with separate headphones. My kindle, luckily has only one cable. We have 3
laptops at home including office laptops, and all of them have chargers (and thus, cables). Plus all the mouse chords. And then, I bought a pocket camera – in come more cables. Several of my son’s toys have adapters and thus, cables.

Yes, you got it right. My problem is the set of cables I have lying around. Any horizontal space at home is covered with cables. (Remotes are another issue – will cover that sometime later). Every time I travel, I have to make sure I am carrying all the relevant cables. Even worse, I have to make sure I bring them all back home.

“Cables, Cables every where
Not a place without them”


What do you think?

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