My love

I guess everyone already knows about Pinterest. But the social network illiterate that I am, I heard about it just a few months ago. But since then, my life has changed.

I don’t care much about the social networking part of it – but it is nice to know that I would get notified if someone I follow adds a new pin. The logic being, unless I am interested in the kind of things that person usually pins, I wouldn’t follow that person. Now, I don’t have any followers, nor do I follow anyone. Social recluse – that is me.

For me, Pinterest is a glorified bookmark, with a window to others bookmarks. But I love it. I can set my “bookmarks” on any of the computers I use (together with a picture – easier to find later), and catagorize them. The best part is that I get to see others’ pins. I am generally interested in something for some time, and then my interest changes. And the same interest comes back after a long time. For someone like me, Pinterest is godsend.

Everytime I start a new hobby, say, I am learning to crochet. (I am proud to say that I learned crochet, all by myself from the net – And I crochet a lot these days. Gifts to family, friends, relatives, myself – all are crocheted right now) I go online check how to crochet. I find images and youtube videos. (I use for all of these, a great site!). And I learn how to crochet. So far, so good. And then comes the trouble. I need patterns for whatever I feel like crocheting. I go, roam around on the net, and come up with a set of patterns for items I might need sometime in the future. Earlier, I would just bookmark it in my browser. And forget about it later. I might use a different comptuer later, and wouldn’t have access to these links I saved. And then came google chrome, and I used to synchronize my bookmarks. But it still lacked something. I didn’t know what each link was until I actually opened them (partially because I never change the name of the bookmark while saving it). And then came (drum roll) Pinterest. Now I can save all of my links together with a picture on an online board, and I can access it from any computer. I don’t even have to login to view the page. Login is required only if I need to pin a new link. Together with the “pin it” button installed in my browser, I can pin any site with close to zero effort.

And the best part is that, if I want to see the most popular (and probably the best ideas), I just need to do a relevant search on I love you, pinterest.


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