Crochet-Do-Not-Miss list

I am still working on my vest. It will take some time since I am not that very fast at crochet, and I am really busy with my work, home and kid. While that is going on, I thought I will post some links to crochet projects that I really like, and hope to attempt sometime soon. This is my must do list 🙂

Purse 1:

For this one, I only have an image. I do not have a pattern. But it looks pretty straightforward. chain,slip stitch, chain, slip stitch, … until you get to the required length and width. When I get around to actually making it, I will post the pattern. And, don’t forget to line it!

Should be pretty quick to make. Even for someone who is as slow as I am.

Purse 2:

Doesn’t it look pretty impressive? Here is the pattern.

Purse handles:

Google tells me this page is in Portuguese. But then, the pictures are enough to let me know how to do it.



This is so good! I am definitely making this one too!


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