lip balm key chain

My first pattern. Thank God I am writing my pattern for something this simple. Do let me know if any of it is not clear.


I normally carry my keys. And more often than not, my phone – especially if my son is at school or day care. Apart from that, I can’t be sure of anything. Including money. I have my license in the car always so that it is accessible when I am driving. I have a wallet in my office drawer, in the car’s glove compartment, and in my laptop bag. These would have only some money, and not my cards or anything. And I decided that I had to add my lip balm to my always accessible list. And the best way to do it was adding to my set of keys. I did it and here it is, the pattern. And for free!

I used embroidery floss and 1.6mm crochet hook.

Row 1: Magic loop with 12 double crochets in it. If you find it difficult to do a magic loop, you can make a small loop with 4 chain and 1 slip stitch

The resulting circle was as big as the base of my lip balm. If it is not for you, you might need to add a row of single crochet stitches. If it was too big for you, you may need to use single crochet instead of the double crochet. If you need to add more rows, make sure you increase by six stitches per row added at regular intervals. To maintain a flat circle, you should add six stitches per row.

Row 2:
ch 1, Single crochet in each of the stitches

Row 3: (optional – actually, looks better without this row)
ch 2, (ch 1, dc)* ch 1, join

Row 4 – until required length
(ch 4, slip stitch into gap between stitches)*
If you skipped row 3, please use the alternate gaps the first row.
Note: I did not join at the end of the row, just kept going in spirals.

It may look loose if you try to put your lip balm in now. Don’t worry.

Row n:
(ch 2, slip stitch into gap between stitches)* Join when you have done a full circle.

Row n+1:
(dc, dc, ch 1)* join. Instead of the first dc, use ch 2.
If you look at my lip balm, the top and bottom are not exactly symmetrical. For a more symmetrical look, I would suggest
ch 2, (ch 1, dc)* ch 1, join

At the end of this row, it should be a perfect fit for your lip balm again.

Row n+2, n+3

Now to make the strap. I didn’t cut it off at the end of the previous row, just kept continuing.

ch* until you reach half the desired length, ch 6, sl st into 7th stitch from hook, ch* until you reach the same length as the first half.

single stitch into each of the stitches except the loop formed.

join with the lip balm case at the diametrically opposite point, cut, hide the ends

And, you are done. Now this doesn’t look like an exact pattern, I know. But I hope this will be enough to let you make it, though.

I used one whole embroidery floss to make this.

DSC00652 DSC00651


6 thoughts on “lip balm key chain

  1. Loved this bag. Have you made one already? Thanks for visiting my blog. The crochet trim on the dupatta is very easy, and more importantly, less time consuming than larger projects.Do you want the pattern? Am on my way to trim a few more dupattas so could write the simple pattern.

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