I am not alone!

I am not alone!

I had read earlier somewhere – Just can’t remember where, that people like to think that they are unique. That they are somehow different from the other person out there. It cited examples of people buying white (or was it black) iphone just to stand apart, even though they liked the other colour better. There were more examples – just can’t remember it now. Ever since I read that article, I have been trying to find out how non-unique I am compared to the next woman.

And now, I have proof.

This article says that women are more likely to use pinterest, that 25% of all women on the net use pinterest, and that food and crafts are the two most popular boards. Guilty on all counts – That’s me! and you, may be?

But may be, I am not that ordinary. There are 75% women out there on the internet who don’t use pinterest! 🙂


My love

I guess everyone already knows about Pinterest. But the social network illiterate that I am, I heard about it just a few months ago. But since then, my life has changed.

I don’t care much about the social networking part of it – but it is nice to know that I would get notified if someone I follow adds a new pin. The logic being, unless I am interested in the kind of things that person usually pins, I wouldn’t follow that person. Now, I don’t have any followers, nor do I follow anyone. Social recluse – that is me.

For me, Pinterest is a glorified bookmark, with a window to others bookmarks. But I love it. I can set my “bookmarks” on any of the computers I use (together with a picture – easier to find later), and catagorize them. The best part is that I get to see others’ pins. I am generally interested in something for some time, and then my interest changes. And the same interest comes back after a long time. For someone like me, Pinterest is godsend.

Everytime I start a new hobby, say, I am learning to crochet. (I am proud to say that I learned crochet, all by myself from the net – And I crochet a lot these days. Gifts to family, friends, relatives, myself – all are crocheted right now) I go online check how to crochet. I find images and youtube videos. (I use about.com for all of these, a great site!). And I learn how to crochet. So far, so good. And then comes the trouble. I need patterns for whatever I feel like crocheting. I go, roam around on the net, and come up with a set of patterns for items I might need sometime in the future. Earlier, I would just bookmark it in my browser. And forget about it later. I might use a different comptuer later, and wouldn’t have access to these links I saved. And then came google chrome, and I used to synchronize my bookmarks. But it still lacked something. I didn’t know what each link was until I actually opened them (partially because I never change the name of the bookmark while saving it). And then came (drum roll) Pinterest. Now I can save all of my links together with a picture on an online board, and I can access it from any computer. I don’t even have to login to view the page. Login is required only if I need to pin a new link. Together with the “pin it” button installed in my browser, I can pin any site with close to zero effort.

And the best part is that, if I want to see the most popular (and probably the best ideas), I just need to do a relevant search on pinterest.com. I love you, pinterest.

My big problem

I have a problem. A major one. It crept up so slowly, I never realized when it turned into an actual  problem. May be you have it too, and even worse, don’t realize it.

It started a few years back, when I bought my camera. It came with a chord to connect to USB port, A cable to connect to the TV. I also bought rechargeable batteries and a charger, and it came with cables to connect to the main power, and another one to connect to the USB port. My cell phone has a charger and a cable to connect to the computer. So does my husband’s phone, and the 1-2 spare phones lying around. All of these came with separate headphones. My kindle, luckily has only one cable. We have 3
laptops at home including office laptops, and all of them have chargers (and thus, cables). Plus all the mouse chords. And then, I bought a pocket camera – in come more cables. Several of my son’s toys have adapters and thus, cables.

Yes, you got it right. My problem is the set of cables I have lying around. Any horizontal space at home is covered with cables. (Remotes are another issue – will cover that sometime later). Every time I travel, I have to make sure I am carrying all the relevant cables. Even worse, I have to make sure I bring them all back home.

“Cables, Cables every where
Not a place without them”

7 Free Android Apps You Should Not Miss

When I first bought an android phone, I checked the net for “app lists”. I wanted to see what apps everyone was installing. I talked to my friends, colleagues. I tried out many of them, and have reached a steady state for now. I guess it will keep changing with time, but the rate of change is very low now.

This list is my contribution to the world, and would definitely not match anyone else’s. I order the apps in order of how much I use them. If you have another app that should have definitely made my list, please let me know via comments.

  1. Kindle: I have a real kindle, and I use it for reading. The problem is that unlike my phone, I don’t always carry it with me. I love to read on my phone when I have that unexpected 5 minutes.
  2. Moment Diary: It is a life saver. I don’t use it as a diary per se. Instead, I use it to jot down little bits of information I will need in a short while. Like the fact that I paid my cook in advance, etc
  3. 7 little words: Unless you play this once (may be a few times), you wouldn’t know how amazing this game is. I definitely recommend (and so do the multiple people I got hooked on to this).
  4. Tiny Words: If there is something more addictive than 7 little words, this is it. But a bad interface, I must warn you.
  5. Tiny Flashlight: I love it that I can turn my camera’s flash into a torch.
  6. MX player: I use this app to play my videos, etc. No complaints, so far.
  7. FB Reader: It can read out your books loudly. Plus it can access books that is on your phone/tablet, and not in your kindle library.

These are the apps I use, apart from the usual apps like gmail and google maps apps. I try to use free apps when I can, thereby excluding a large number of really good apps – the list is biased due to it.


If you grew up in India, it is pretty likely that you love(d) Tinkle. It was pretty much the only English comic I read as a kid. We never subscribed to it – back then, money was scarce. I loved train journeys since I would get a Tinkle. Every issue I had was read and re-read a zillion times.

I couldn’t pick a favourite character – doob doob, shikari shambu, suppandi, kapish, … A farmer’s wife had to be Lajjo. The princess was always very intelligent and married people who could answer trick questions – what a great way to pick a husband.I loved them all… When I started earning, I subscribed to Tinkle. I still get it regularly.

But Tinkle has changed. With the arrival of computers, their pictures look different – there are much more colours and all, but it is not the same. And that’s not all. The stories have changed. You can’t find Lajjo packing lunch for her husband who works in the farm. No kapish with an extendable tail. And has Kalia retired? Tantri either doesn’t get Dushtabuddhi to help, or he doesn’t want to be the king any more. Suppandi is getting even more stupid  (standing in the field to get a Nobel prize? – Atleast give some more background. How do I explain this story to a kid?) Instead, they have butterfingers, mopes and purr and all kinds of different stories. I find them distasteful. Totally. There are a few good items – but rare. When I put down the book after reading, it feels like a waste of time.

Is it me or Tinkle? I don’t think it is me – I still love Enid Blyton, Harry Potter, and the back issues of Tinkle. Probably the child in me is still in older times.

I went on a trip…

It was awesome. It was great. It was like any of your trips.

The difference was, I didn’t go with my family, or with friends. I went alone. 

I really enjoyed it, though. Even more than what I would have had they been with me. Any mother of a preschooler will agree, it is nice to have zero responsibilities. Especially if you are a working mom (and a super-mom aspirant). And for a week? That was heaven!

If you are like me, I would definitely recommend this. Let your husband/partner/friend/… someone handle everything for you. Go on a trip. Leave your worries (and guilt?) at home. Together with spare clothes, diapers, and all the assorted extras.

And the plus is, you get extra kisses from your kid when you’re back!

I definitely missed my family. But I would readily go for another of those.

And I said, “Let there be THE blog!”

My first post.

I, **** (lets keep that private), take you to be my blog, to have and to write in from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.

Wow, that was strong. But I will try to keep my word – Worst case, I will delete this entry if I fail to keep my word 😉

There are blogs I follow daily. Without fail. Well, if I can read blogs regularly, I can write as well. Or so I think. Hope this will not fall into oblivion like innumerous blogs sprouting up everyday and then lay forgotten in a world of responsibilities, long to-do lists and countless email to respond to.

I wanted to use a really witty name for my blog. But looks like, they are all taken. I am stuck with this name, hopefully forever.

I am planning to pour in my thoughts, my dreams, my experiences. I really need an outlet for all my thoughts. Since I don’t have Dumbledore’s pensieve (would give anything to get one of those…), this blog will have to make do.