I am not alone!

I am not alone!

I had read earlier somewhere – Just can’t remember where, that people like to think that they are unique. That they are somehow different from the other person out there. It cited examples of people buying white (or was it black) iphone just to stand apart, even though they liked the other colour better. There were more examples – just can’t remember it now. Ever since I read that article, I have been trying to find out how non-unique I am compared to the next woman.

And now, I have proof.

This article says that women are more likely to use pinterest, that 25% of all women on the net use pinterest, and that food and crafts are the two most popular boards. Guilty on all counts – That’s me! and you, may be?

But may be, I am not that ordinary. There are 75% women out there on the internet who don’t use pinterest! 🙂